Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work Update

I applied for a couple new jobs within my company and was called in for an interview on one of them!! I interview on Monday at 3 pm and everything I can cross is crossed! I think it would be a great opportunity and A LOT of FUN!!

I'm ready for a new challenge and think this would be a great move for me!

So wish me luck and I'll let you know what I find out!! :-)

Let the Count Down Begin Again!!

The state fair has come and gone sad. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the nights.... well interesting....

Adam placed 5th with his Berk Gilt in the breeding show and ended up getting her sold in the sale that night.

The A3 Company, Al Conover, Al Christian, and Adam Conover... :-) brought down a truckload and unfortunately had 2 pigs weigh too much and only brought one spare. They were disqualified from the truckload show, but we were able to show the individual. He placed 6th in his class.

ISU took down a Berk truckload and had reserve champion purebred truckload. They showed two individuals and placed 5th and 6th.

Overall it was a pretty good time. I was able to attend a FREE concert with the "Canadians" Lee and Wayne, while we waited for Adam to get out of his annual Iowa Berk Meeting. The concert was called "Country Gold". I think I was one of the few under 40 and not in a wheel chair or having hearing aids.... but it was great!! I only knew one of the acts... LeRoy Van Dike...but the rest were AMAZING!! Steve and Rudy Gatlin (two of the Gatlin Brothers), Helen Cornelius, and David Frizzell also performed. Adam and his dad and step-mom came up and caught the last bit of the concert. Adam came to sit with us, but Al and Jeanne ended up getting to go back stage... b/c yes, they know LeRoy!! I was somewhat jealous... how cool would it have been to actually meet them!! :-) LeRoy sings the "Auctioneer Song", which turned out to be a true story about his cousin...and I joke and tell Al I listen to it and "practice" to take over the family business!! :-) After the concert we went to the Machine Shed in Des Moines... It turns out that Adam and Al are now selling purebred Berkshire meet to the restaurant served in two and three bone sections, stuffed or not. People have been eating it like crazy!! Which is good! Anything to help promote the hog market!! :-) There were 6 of us at the table and I was the only one who didn't order pork.... I went with the tried and true chicken. :-) I did try the pork and it was actually really good!! But it was definitely a lot!!

The place mats at the table were designed by Al and Jeanne. They explain the history of the breed and have an amazing picture that Al and Jeanne found on one of their trips. Even at the bottom it specifically talks about Adam and his family!! :-) Very Cool!

I saw quite a few co-workers and their children walking around. Julie said she was tucking Ryan into bed and he asked if she thought I was tucked into my bed in the pig barn. Since they stopped and saw us that day and saw our beds in the barn! :-) I took them to "play" with the gilt in the avenue of breeds b/c she loved to be scratched and had such a good temperament!! I think they both had fun!

I think my favorite part was taking a new Berk to the Avenue of Breeds and watching the goats jump over the fences! Sorry goat people, but it was HILARIOUS! I'd heard of it happening but have never seen it happen before! I didn't realize goats were as scared of pigs as they are!! :-)

I think we were all sad to see the fair come to an end, but definitely ready for next years!! "Non-Stop Fun"...definitely a fitting theme for 2010!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where Has The Summer Gone?

It seems like summer has come and is almost gone already!! Way too quickly.

Adam and I are excited for the State Fair to get here, but that means the nice weather is soon going to come to a close. :-(

I spent almost 3 fulls weeks working in was quite an experience. :-) I enjoyed working up there but was ready to come home...where I'm still in the city, just a less busy one. I love the new office building that we have for our headquarters, but don't know if I could handle living up there. I'm still continuing my work back home, which is a blessing. It's nice to sleep in my own bed again...even though I did enjoy having someone else clean up after me. :-)

The Iowa State Fair is only 7 days away and it can't come soon enough. It is definitely my favorite time of year. We try to go every night if our schedules allow it. It's so romantic to walk the midway, enjoying a nice cold beverage or two....or more... and seeing people we haven't seen in a year.

I don't have much for now, but will update after the fair. :-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Been A Long Week.....

We've had quite a few long days the past few and I think more to come.

My grandma was put into St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota this past Wednesday b/c her red blood count was so low and she's having major coughing attacks. The doctor at M.C. wanted to admit her but her regular doctor told him not to, so off to Mayo she went.

I went up there on Thursday morning and spent until Saturday afternoon with her. She's still spunky and laughing with us, but there are times when the tears flow and the rest of us have all we can do to stand there and tell her it will be ok. I did breakdown on Friday night crying to Adam and when I got home Saturday afternoon I just let the tears flow. I am very close to this set of grandparents and when I was little spent almost as much time with them as I did my own parents.

When she checked into Rochester her red blood count was down to 5.5....really bad. They ran a TON of tests on her and it seems that everything comes back as we have no idea what's causing it but we know what it's doing. She has low grade Leukemia, which we had already known. It turns out after the chest x-ray they also said she has pneumonia. The blood test showed that something was attacking her red blood cells and breaking them down faster than the body can reproduce them.

They put her on a steroid to help keep her RBC up after her transfusion. It did for a while, but fell again, and again today. They put her on a different medicine that is supposed to help stop the breakdown of the RBC's. The downside to this medicine is that it weakens the immune system so she is in isolation. Anyone who comes to visit must be healthy and wear the full gown/mask, etc to go into her room.

Mom said that she is doing better. Her blood sugar has been sky rocketing from the steroid and they're trying to control it the best that they can. Last night it was 570 and the night before that it was up to 450!! Today it's finally back down to 117.

They're moving her today to the Methodist Hospital at Mayo to the Hematology floor. So she can be closer to her "blood doctor". Hopefully thinks will start to look on the bright side for all of us soon!!

A friend commented that it was hard to get old, but I think it's even harder watching those you love and care about getting older. I remember so many happy times spent with my grandparents running around and keeping up with us kids. :-) Things are so different now. It's hard to "accept" it. No one wants to say good bye and at the same time you don't want to see them suffer anymore.

My grandma commented that she just wanted to go home. She was tired of being poked and sick all of the time. I was there on Thursday around 1130 or so and from the time I arrived until I left at 2:00 on Saturday she was stuck over 20/25 times!! I don't know how anyone can do that. Plus every time they check her blood sugar is another prick in the finger.

All in all though I would say her spirits have been high and she's been somewhat hopeful. I had a great time spending my vacation up there with her. I talked my cousin into riding up with me and we met my mom, aunt (her mom), grandpa and grandma at the hospital. Friday afternoon my mom and grandpa went home and did things around the house and came back on Saturday. On Saturday then my aunt, cousin, and I went home.

The doctors made the comment that if this is how she acted when she was sick, they'd hate to see her well. :-) She was telling them she could really go for a bloody mary with extra pickles and olives...and chicken salad sandwiches. I stole her pickles from the cafeteria and some strawberries (for her ice cream). Mom showed up on Saturday with homemade buns and homemade chicken salad. So that definitely cheered her up. :-)

Well, that's all for now. We're all just hoping and praying that things start to look better!! :-)

Take care and Happy 4th!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Emma :-)

I can't believe I've never written about Emma on our blog yet!! :-)

Adam adopted Emma from the Story County Animal Shelter in Nevada, Iowa. At first she loved him and now she's become my girl. I know it's so sad, but sometimes she gets treated like a child and acts like she is one.

She's a very curious cat and likes to have her nose in everyones business. Before when we first got her she loved to go and visit Aunt Janet, Uncle Dennis, Cassie, Derek, and Gidget (their kitten about the same age). Now car rides have become constant meowing and running from one end of the car to the other. She also HATES visiting other people and having them come to "her home". I don't know what did it but all of a sudden she just changed and hissed or swung her paws. Luckily she has no claws and hasn't bitten anyone. I think she does it to show her "dominance" in "her house". She even waits for some people to stand up from one of "her chairs" and jumps in it. I also think sometimes she does it just to pick on them...she'll purr and rub up against you and maybe let you touch her, then when you least expect it, she'll hiss. :-) Oh isn't she so sweet. Adam says she's worthless, but I love her more than anything!!

She's so good at snuggling!! :-) I can count on walking in and having her immediately greet me and follow me around until I sit down. Before you know it we're both asleep on the couch. Same way at night time, she'll have her head on my pillow or shoulder. :-) The picture above is her sleeping on her toy she got for Christmas. She actually plays with the toys we buy her, but her favorite are the stuffed animals out of my closets or on my shelves.

Anyways, that's a little about Emma. :-)

P.S.'s your turn now :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life has come to be about two things....

I've decided today that there are two aspects of life you just can't get around, surprises and change.

I want to say Happy Father's Day to my dad, my Grandpa Jerry, and my Grandpa Joe. I love you all and hope you have a great day!! :-)

I also want to send my condolences out to the Derr brothers and family on the loss of their father this morning. I hope that they are able to help each other make it through this tragedy. Losing a loved one is never easy and to have it happen unexpectedly makes it twenty times worse.

My gilt didn't settle, so I'm not for sure what I'm going to do with her now. I was really bummed at first because I was looking forward to taking her to the show. I think her sister would've done a lot better, but she went to a good home. It's like she came running up to me saying, "Surprise!! I'm staying here longer!!" :-) I have become quite attached to her, but I know it's best to move her somewhere else, even if it is to your breakfast table. I don't like to think of it that way, but sometimes it's the way things work out.

Adam and I aren't for sure if we're going to be able to attend the Summer Type Conference either. Adam's work schedule may not allow it. I was looking forward to attending the annual meeting (my first year of voting!!), so I sent my ballots in, just incase we can't make it. Hopefully we'll be able to make it over for a little bit so we can see everyone we haven't seen since last year.

On a happy note though, we're both doing well and looking forward to everything we have going this summer. It's hard to believe that we're half-way through June already!!

Adam is going to start getting busier with livestock shows here in the next couple of months. I always enjoy watching him. I think it's amazing listening to him talk and then asking what he meant when he said it. :-) Simple terms work best for me. :-) Before we know it the state fair is going to be here and summer will be gone.

Well, that's all for now. I wish you and your family all the best and safe holiday travels for father's day. :-)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Congratulations ISU!! :-)

Congrats to the ISU Swine Teaching Farm on their Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt at the 2009 World Pork Expo!! They also had gilts placing 3rd (to the reserve) and 5th in class. The boar was 1st in class. All of your hard work paid off this year. :-)

We had beautiful weather for the expo this year. We were able to make it around to quite a few hospitality tents and take in the FREE Confederate Railroad concert. :-) The embroidery/purse/jewelry vendor from last year was back again and we were able to hit up the great purse deals!! :-)

Now onto the Summer Type Conference....only 14 days until the pigs can arrive. :-)

Happy Wednesday!